Rama Naveri“Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for all of the work and dedication you put into our landscape project. (…) Your time, energy and passion for your job are evident in our project, our home. It is so beautiful!“ – Mary & Steve Auerbach

My name is Rama Nayeri, and I was born in Iran and migrated to the US in 1984 in a time where Iran and Iraq were not playing nice. After a year of living in Westlake Village my family settled in Irvine where I grew up.

As the daughter of a surgeon and teacher, you might wonder how I became a landscape designer. My father wanted me to be a doctor, but medicine was not for me. I even sat in on an operation as a teenager; when your father is a surgeon you get exposed to things normal kids would never see!

In 1994, I started a career in architecture at Saddleback College only to realize it just wasn’t the right fit. After finishing my second year, I wasn’t thrilled with my degree. I met someone who was studying ornamental horticulture (the decorative gardens you see around businesses and golf courses) who showed me a landscape design drawing she was working on.

I’ve always been very creative, and discovered I also love working outdoors with plants while getting my landscape architecture degree from Cal Poly Pomona. I spent 7+ years working for a landscape architect before deciding to fly solo. I am active in the green community and deeply committed to promoting drought tolerant landscape design within Southern California.

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